Covid-19 Updates

Due to concerns about covid-19 and related disease, we are taking additional precautionary measures within the hospital to keep our staff, doctors, animals, and clients safe while continuing to provide excellent patient care. We have increased our sanitizing protocols around the hospital for client and staff safety to allow us to remain OPEN.

Our primary goal is to stay healthy, keep others around us healthy and continue to provide service throughout the duration of this pandemic.

Call First! We need to schedule you a time slot to come down and inform you of what to do when you arrive for your allotted time.

We now offer both in-person and curbside Veterinary Services.

* Stay in your car. When you arrive to our parking lot, please TEXT 707-479-8250 or call us at 707-576-0764. Let us know if you prefer curbside service and our staff will come to your car to pick up your pet for check-in, or to bring out medications, food etc.
For those wanting an exam room with the Doctor, you will be directed to an exam room when one is free, which will limit the amount of time you spend in the Hospital.

* Be Patient. With safety protocols and limited staff, your pet's visit might take longer than you are probably expecting.

* Wear A Mask. Make sure that you wear your mask at all times when in the hospital, and when coming into contact with the staff to protect them and yourself.

* Bring your cell phone. For curbside service, all communications with the staff and doctor will be via phone call while you wait in your car/outside. This limits exposure to COVID-19.

* Bring A Leash/Carrier. To keep exposure to a minimum, we also offer day admission/carside service drop-offs.

* Thank You! For complying with our safety protocols and helping our staff feel safe enough to come into work so that we can make sure that your beloved pets are taken care of!

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